The Borough of Harrow Swimming Club


We are delighted to welcome you back to the Borough of Harrow Swimming Club and hope you enjoy your training . During these difficult times the health and well-being of our members and staff alike are of the upmost importance and as such strict social distancing and access control measures are in place. On completions of this form you agree to adhere to all control measure in place and our “You’re welcome if” declaration.

  1. Follow all direction signs
  2. Sanitise hands at all entry & exit points using sanitiser stations provided
  3. Adhere to social distancing rules
  4. You and all within your household are free of any Covid-19 symptoms
  5. Swimmers are not permitted to arrive until at least 5 minutes prior to start of session and may be required to queue outside the pool until the previous session has cleared poolside completely (late arrivals may be turned away).
  6. Internal and external directional/one-way systems will be in place, all must follow signage.
  7. Agree to all safety protocols and Risk assessments.
  8. Swimmers to arrive and leave “Beach Ready” with minimal baggage and equipment.
  9. Swimmers and Parents to not congregate in hallways and corridors outside of the pool hall, reception and car parks
  10. Lockers will not be provided. Belonging to be placed on poolside maintaining social distancing at all times.
  11. Water fountains will not be in use. Swimmers must bring their own water bottle and it must be marked and not to be shared.
  12. Swimmers must not share equipment, swim clothing, hats & goggles. Please bring ample extras, in case replacements are required
  13. Diving blocks are not to be used.
  14. Swimmers must not congregate at the end of the lane for rest periods but instead use the length of the lane or exit the pool where practicable.
  15. Continuous swimming without end stops is to be encouraged where possible.
  16. Any member displaying symptoms of COVID 19 are asked to report their illness to the club and immediately isolate following government guidelines.
  17. If a case of COVID 19 is confirmed amongst staff/coaches or swimmers, the squad they have attended will be sent home to isolate for 14 days.
  18. Staff/coaches or swimmers with a confirmed case of COVID 19 in their household must inform the club, isolate and follow government guidance.
  19. We Caution you not to attend if you
    • Have a chronic disease
    • Are taking medication
    • Over 70 years of age
    • Fall under the Government's Shielding community advise.