Transport Policy

This advice should be read in conjunction with the ASA/NSPCC document “Safe Sport Away”.

Parents and carers are responsible for the safe delivery and collection of their child to any training or competitive event, except when the club have organised transport in respect of the club team.

It is not the responsibility of the coach or other poolside staff to transport or arrange transport for swimmers to and from any swimming training or galas.

Arrangements made between parents to transport the children of other club members are at the sole discretion of the parents concerned.

When transport is provided by the club i.e. by mini bus or coach, the club should ensure written consent is obtained by the parent or carer. Contact details for the parents if they are different from that of the club contact form.

Coaches and club officers unrelated to a swimmer/s under 18 years of age should not transport swimmer/s alone in a car or other transport except where to fail to do so would cause the child to be placed at risk of harm.

If in such an emergency situation a child has to be transported without a relative present two suitably DBS checked adults (where possible) should be present and the child should always be placed in the back seat with the adults in the front. If possible, parental/carer consent should be obtained in advance.

In the event of a team event where the club is transporting the team, the Team Manager will provide parents and carers written details of:

  • What transport is being provided i.e. coach, minibus or car.
  • Departure time of the team coach and the expected time of arrival back.
  • Venue for swimmers to meet the coach and if different the venue for collection.
  • The contact number of a nominated officer at the event for emergency use only.
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