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Bookings’ Rules and Conditions

The Borough of Harrow Swimming Club runs Harrow Swim School, offering  Monday, Wednesday evening and Saturday and Sunday morning swimming lessons.

Please note, Harrow Swim School teaches children from 3.5 years to adult swimmers.

We offer small classes to provide greater individual attention and continued development for your child. The lessons are for all abilities, from non-swimmers to those who need to develop confidence and competence in the water.

The Borough of Harrow Swimming Club Swim School is committed to providing the best teaching for your child. The lessons follow the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme. This offers a structure for progression within a fun environment.

All our Learn to Swim teachers are Swim England Qualified to a Level 2 standard and are DBS checked.

With non-swimmers, we also utilise the use of Level 1 teachers and our older swimmers from the squads who assist the teachers in and out of the pool.

Our dedicated Swim School team will make sure your child is in the right group and provide assessment reports at the end of each term.

Please ensure you have read and understood the following terms and conditions before committing to swimming lessons.

Your Booking
Payment is required in full, 48 hours after your booking has been made. By making a booking and attending our swimming lessons, you are agreeing to these terms & conditions. We reserve the right to amend our terms & conditions at any time.
If payment hasn’t been received by the deadline date (usually 48 hours after the booking) we will assume the booking is no longer required.

Lessons are paid for on a term by term basis. We do not offer monthly payments or payment per lesson. All term fees are to be paid in advance in full; only term payment will secure your child’s booking.

If you have more than two children booked onto a course, payment can be made in two instalments. 50% at the time of booking to secure the places and the final 50% by Saturday, prior to the start of the term.

Our teachers are contracted for the term in advance, therefore no refunds or lessons replacement can be given for missed lessons, regardless of the circumstance.

New joiners can register their interest by filling the application form using the following link


Please explain your requirement using the extra information box at the end of the registration form.

Please note: Completing our registration form does not automatically enrol you in our swimming classes.
We will contact you to confirm your booking.

Rebooking & Cancelling a Course
Current swimmers can re-register and pay for the following term during the priority bookings window by login to their account with club organiser. (www.cluborganiser.co.uk)

After the priority date closes, if payment hasn’t been received we will assume your space is no longer required and will offer it to another parent.

Please contact  admin@harrowswim.com if you have lost your login details.

If you wish to cancel your child’s swimming lessons part way through a course, please confirm the cancellation via email to admin@harrowswim.com. No refunds can be provided.

Missed Lessons
Lessons missed for any reason cannot be refunded, made up or transferred to other swimmers, including siblings.

Cancelled lessons
In the unfortunate event that Harrow Swimming Club must cancel a lesson, we will notify you via text message. We will endeavour to add an alternative date to the course. If you are unable to make the alternative date, the lessons will not be refunded, credited or transferred.

If Harrow Swim School unable to provide an alternative date, a credit in lieu of payment will be issued for next term course or a refund will be provided. Refunds cannot be offered if the cancelled lesson was due to circumstances out of our control such as adverse weather conditions, power interruption, ‘acts of God’, which are deemed to be contractually outside of our control.

Cancellation of New Term Bookings
If a child has not started their lessons, and a minimum of one-week advance notice is given prior to the term’s start date, a refund will be given, subject to an Administration Fee of £25.00, per child. Cancellations that are received within the one week period or during the term are non-refundable.

There will be no refunds, credit or alternative sessions offered due to adverse weather conditions which may affect either learn to swim or squad training, such as snow or where the pools are closed with less than 12 hours notice or during operation due to contamination, pool temperature, power cut or any other circumstances beyond our control, which may affect the health and safety of our members.

The Lessons
We have a maximum of 7 swimmers to 1 teacher in our beginner and improver classes. Our deep-end and lengths classes have a maximum of 10 swimmers to 1 teacher.
The teachers who work in the water will teach by supporting the body and aiding correct stroke technique through demonstration and manipulation

Please ensure you are on time for your lessons. If a swimmer is late for their lesson they are still welcome to join in the class.


Assessing is programmed into each term over 2 weekends on specified dates for all swimmers towards the end of each term.  However, if a child has progressed to pass the criteria during the term we can move swimmers.  Teachers will recommend to our Learn to Swim Programme Manager if they feel a swimmer is ready to progress to the next level.

Please note, we will not be able to guarantee the same time or day as the current class if children move during the term. Children will be allocated a place in the next class dependant on availabilities.

Once swimmers have completed stage 7 they are offered the opportunity to enrol in our 45min class Stage 8 class, which can then lead onto our Squad programme. Those with the potential and enthusiasm are encouraged to consider entering our competitive squads which can involve training several times a week and entering galas.

Fun Swims
The last lesson of each term is a fun swim. This lesson builds the swimmers water confidence and encourages different water skills, outside of the usual lesson environment.

All swimmers are required to wear a swimming hat. We sell these at poolside for £5.00.   Any swimmers who are not completely toilet trained are to wear swim pants.
All swimmers should refrain from wearing jewellery whenever possible.

Your Responsibilities
No abuse will be tolerated towards teachers, pupils or other parents/guardians.

You are responsible for your children at all times before and after the lessons, The Borough of Harrow Swimming Club will take no responsibility. Please do not let your children play around the car park. This includes children that are friends or family that are not swimming.

Harrow Swimming Club takes no responsibility for loss or damage to property.

The use of cameras, camcorders or mobile phones on poolside or in the changing area is strictly prohibited.
Food or drink is not permitted on poolside. Pushchairs are not permitted on poolside.
Parents and Carers are encouraged to watch lessons from the upstairs gallery. Please ensure any young children who are not attending lessons do not walk around the poolside unaccompanied.

Certificates & Badges
During and at the end of each term, each swimmer will be assessed in order to progress onto the next stage. Swimmers who complete an assessment, badges and certificates can be purchased online by visiting the following link

Learn to Swim Awards

Collection Info: The club will not be posting out swim awards at any point. It is your responsibility to collect these from our club administrator on poolside during term-time either on Mondays or Wednesdays 7.00 pm-8.00 pm or from the club shop on Saturdays at 8.30am-9.45 am.

All swimmers are covered by our Public Liability Insurance. Harrow Swimming Club does not accept any liability for sickness, personal injury or death of any swimmers unless directly caused by the proven negligence of the company or its staff.

All lessons from stage 1 to 7 are 30 minutes

Visit our Learn to Swim Term’s Page


7.05pm & 7.35pm


7.05pm & 7.35pm


8.00am, 8:30am, 9.00am & 9.30am


Stage 8 is 45 minutes

8.15 am

Adults Classes 60 minutes

Beginners & Intermediate


8.00 pm

For further details and advice including current courses and availability please phone or email.

Other Information Please Note

  • Some physical contact with your child is unavoidable. Please be aware all staff adhere to the ASA Child Protection Procedures
  • No refunds can be offered due to missed lessons
  • Parents must supervise children at all times in the changing area
  • Harrow Swimming Club, unfortunately, cannot accept responsibility for any damage or loss of property or articles left on the premises. This includes the carpark
  • Harrow Swimming Club reserves the right to replace advertised coaches or programs
  • All instructors are ASA qualified

For further details please email admin@harrowswim.com

ASA Learn to Swim stages Outcome


1   Put their face in the water, blowing bubbles

2   Front crawl kick with 2 floats or a noodle with their face in the water

3   Backstroke kick with 2 floats or a noodle

4   Regain an upright position on front and back, with 2 float support

5   Attempt push and glide in a streamline position on front with support

6   Fully submerge to pick up an object

7   Jump in from poolside safely

Stage 1:

1   Face in water blowing bubbles confidently

2   With 1 float, kick on their front with their face in water, legs straight and toes pointed

3   With 1 float, kick on their back with a good flat body position and straight legs

4   Regain an upright position on their front and back, with 1 float support

5   Attempt front crawl arms over water

6   Attempt backstroke arms with arms coming over the water

7   Push and glide in a streamline position on front and back from the wall

 Stage 2:

1   Jump in from the poolside safely

2   Streamlined push and glide on front and back regaining an upright position with no support

3   Streamlined kick on front and back maintaining a good flat body position and straight legs

4   Swim 3 mtrs front crawl with their arms clearing the water and a good body position

5   Swim 3 mtrs backstroke with straight arms clearing the water and a good body position

6   Knowledge of breathing to the side on front crawl with a float

 Stage 3:

1   Streamlined kick on front and back maintaining a good flat body position and straight legs

2   Swim 5 mtrs Front crawl with arms clearing the water and breathing to the side

3   Swim 5 mtrs Backstroke with straight arms clearing the water and a good body position

4   Perform Breastroke kick on their front with either 2 floats or a noodle

5   Perform a log roll from a streamline position on their front and back

6   Perform a front tumble from a streamline position

Stage 4:

1   Swim 10 mtrs front crawl, starting from a push and glide, breathing to the side and arms clearing the water

2   Swim 10 mtrs backstroke, starting from a push and glide, with good body position and straight arms

3   Perform 10 mtrs legal breaststroke kick on their front using 1 float or in a streamline position

4   Swim 5 mtrs of good breastroke arms with a noodle

5   Knowledge of the correct Breaststoke timing using a noodle

6   Swim 5 mtrs butterfly kick on front and back with arms by side

Stage 5:

1   Swim 15 mtrs Front crawl with good body position, arms clearing the water and bilateral breathing

2   Swim 15 mtrs Backstroke with good body position, straight arms and good strong continuous pull

3   Perform 15 mtrs legal breaststroke kick on their front in a streamline position

4   Swim 15 mtrs Breastroke with correct timing

5   Swim 10 mtrs butterfly with correct legs

6   Attempt front crawl tumble turn at the wall

7   Jump in deep water and tread water for 30 seconds confidently, swim to side

 Stage 6:

1   Swim 25 mtrs front crawl with good body position, arms clearing the water and bilateral breathing

2   Swim 25 mtrs backstroke with good body position, good leg kick and straight arms and good strong continuous pull

3   Swim 25 mtrs Breastroke with good timing and legal stroke

4   Swim 15 mtrs butterfly and then turn on back and finish length with fly kick on back, arms by side

5   Swim 5 meters and perform a front crawl and backstroke turn at the wall

6   Perform a sitting dive

7   Perform a streamline push and glide into underwater fly kick off every start

Stage 7:

1   Swim 50 mtrs frontcrawl with good body position, arms clearing the water, bilateral  breathing and attempt turn at wall

2   Swim 50 mtrs backstroke with good body position, good leg kick and straight arms, attempt turn at wall

3   Swim 50 mtrs breastroke with good timing and legal stroke

4   Swim 20 mtrs butterfly with good arm recovery and legs together

5   Perform breaststroke and butterfly turns with good push and glide streamlining

6   Perform a standing dive

7   Perform underwater fly kick off every push and glide and tumble turn

Stage 8:

  • Swim 75 mtrs frontcrawl with good body position, arms clearing the water, bilateral breathing and front crawl turn
  • Swim 75 mtrs backstroke with good body position, good leg kick and straight arms and back turn
  • Swim 75 mtrs breastroke with good timing and legal stroke
  • Swim 33 mtrs butterfly with good arm recovery and legs together
  • Swim 100 mtrs as 4 x 1L IM (Individual Medley)
  • Perform a racing dive


Dedicated sessions with our ASA qualified Teachers.

Private one-to-one lessons for children are a fantastic way to get your child a real head-start in learning to swim. Giving them individual dedicated attention from a trained instructor allows your child to trust the instructor, meaning they can gain confidence in the water much faster while being comfortable in overcoming any weaknesses in their swimming ability. As they grow up and their ability increases, they can keenly focus on any area they need to improve or to really hone their skills to become very proficient competition swimmers. The close attention and focus that comes with one-to-one lessons create the ideal environment to turn enthusiastic young swimmers into skilled competitors.

All private lessons are subject to availability. If you are interested in private tuition, please inquire by emailing admin@harrowswim.com

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