The Borough of Harrow Swimming Club



Our competitive squads provide a pathway for swimmers to develop and remain within the competitive arena of the sport.

The club’s structure is designed to progress a swimmer through the various stages of development. The club operates in a competitive environment and therefore your swimmer will be expected to dedicate enough time to enable them to train and compete in galas and meets.

As a general guide, younger swimmers usually start from our Foundation Squad, working towards the Junior Development Squads. Older swimmers joining the club and those transferring from another competitive club may be assessed and offered a place in a squad appropriate to their current level.

Swimmers will move through the club structure, as they develop their technique and speed, at the discretion of their coach. Their development and progression will be determined by physical and mental development as well as maturity. Movement between each elements of the squad can occur at any time.

Harrow Swimming Club is a competitive swimming club and invests in each individual’s personal strengths. The coaches structure squads so that every person in that squad can excel by training with those of a similar ability, age, pace and attainment level. Lead coaches are constantly assessing progress, commitment and development so, when places become available in a squad, will make recommendations for swimmers to move to the appropriate squad which will bring out the best in that individual. It is a fine balance between making training fun and yet challenging swimmers to stretch themselves. 

You can talk to your lead coach for feedback at the end of your training session if you would like to know more about your personal progress.

Parents can schedule an appointment with their child’s coach using the following link https://www.harrowswim.club/coaches-appointments/

When moving between squads, the Head Coach decision is always final.


Land training is an important part of a competitive swimmers programme.
The aims of land training are
• To build strength – particularly core strength.
• To increase fitness levels
• To improve flexibility.
This training, when combined with water-based training, will noticeably improve swimming speed.
The club offers land training to swimmers in most squads under the guidance and direction of the Head Coach.