The Borough of Harrow Swimming Club


Please note this timetable is  only for registered club  swimmers who have:

1-Filled and submitted the online member survey and informed the club that they are able to return to training from 2nd August 2020 

2-Filled and submitted the online Covid-19 health declarations and code of conduct forms . Don’t forget, if the health declaration forms are not returned then your child will not be allowed to swim.

Please don’t attend training if you have not done so as you will be denied access to the pool. 

First Session at St Margaret’s pool is on Sunday 2nd August at 10.30 am.

First Session at Harrow Leisure Centre is on Monday Morning 3rd August 5.30 am and evening 7.00 pm.

First Session at St. Helens pool is on Tuesday 4th August at 8.00 pm.

If you circumstances have changed and would like to train during August, please contact bhsc@harrowswim.com to check availability.

Training sessions will look and feel a little different initially as we follow Swim England guidance, observe social distancing and re-build the fitness of our swimmers. Some changes are down to the pool requirements and some are down to the advice from Swim England to ensure we safely return our swimmers to the pool whilst minimising any risks. There will be 1 way systems around the centres, strict changing room procedures and cleaning regimes. 

BHSC COVID-19 Factsheet

  • Only Coaches and COVID liaisons can enter the facilities via reception
  • Parents are not permitted inside facility unless there is an emergency – they will be contacted by the COVID Liaison officer
  • Parents are to drop children in the designated area outside the entrance of each facility no earlier than 10 minutes before the start of their session. Swimmers who are late may be refused entry if the session has already begun.
  • Swimmers are asked to shower and use the toilet before leaving home.
  • Entry Premises – swimmers will queue in the designated area of each centre, can only enter once the previous squad has left.
  • Floor markings and signposting will be in place to ensure safety.
  • A register will be taken, swimmers will be arranged into squad order and provided with hand sanitiser before entering the building.
  • Swimmers will arrive and depart beach ready – they can only towel down at the end of a session and put onesies, or similar, back on.
  • Swimmers must wear face masks at the designated meet area and entering and exiting the building. (only those over 11 years old)
  • Swimmers should bring – Mesh kit bag, a small dry bag with a towel, water bottle, possibly 2 for a longer session – all clearly named. No water fountain will be available at the centres.
  • No outdoor shoes poolside. Swimmers made to remove shoes as they come into the pool area
  • Swimmers will be spaced out around poolside; markers will be placed on the floor to adhere with social distancing protocol.
  • Changing rooms will not be used.
  • Toilets in the main changing area will be open for use. One in one out policy. Swimmers must use the hand sanitiser at the hygiene station before re-entering the pool (Hygiene station will be located at the doors to the training pool).
  • No sharing of kit or drinks.
  • PPE will be available at each session – face masks, gloves, hand sanitiser will be provided to each coach.
  • PPE must be worn if treating an injury.
  • Parents not permitted to speak to coaches before or after sessions. If they have a query it must be sent to the coaches by email.
  • As per Swim England Guidelines, swimmers/parents must complete the Risk Awareness Health Declaration and Code of Conduct documentation. Swimmers will not be allowed to swim if they are not completed.

Pool Set-Up:

  • 8 lanes pool will be divided into to 4 lanes– max swimmers load is 48, 12 per lane.
  • 6 lanes pool will be divided into 3 lanes– max swimmers load is 30, 10 per lane.
  • No diving blocks or turn boards.
  • Lanes and start/stop positions to be allocated to each swimmer. These will stay the same each session.
  • Start/Stop positions are in place to ensure social distancing can be maintained while swimmers are stationary.
  • Coaches can walk freely around the pool to deliver sessions, once all swimmers are in the pool.
  • A Hygiene Station will be set up at the Shallow End of the pool

If a swimmer or member of their family display symptoms of COVID-19:

  • The swimmer must not come to sessions, should self-isolate for 7 days and ideally get tested.
  • The Club Covid Leads must be notified immediately.
  • If the test is negative, they can return to training subject to NHS recommendations supplied with the test result.
  • If positive, then the swimmer must follow government guidelines and not return to training until fully recovered. Follow guidelines on returning to exercise after recovering from Covid-19
  • If such an incident should occur a club-wide decision will be taken based on the guidance at the time.

COVID Liaison officers will be present at every session. Below is a description of their role.

In simple terms, a liaison officer attends the sessions and makes sure protocols set by the ‘lead’ are in place, working, and being followed.

(This could be multiple individuals).

Speak to any members or workforce breaking those protocols.

Report back to Covid-19 lead if protocols are not followed.

What are BHSC Covid-19 officers Protocols?

  • Swimmers to queue outside of the facility.
  • Swimmers checked off on register.
  • Swimmers arranged into squad order.
  • Swimmers led into facility by COVID Liaison Officer.
  • Registers sent to lead COVID–19 officer.
  • Liaison Officers must ensure:

o No sharing of equipment and/or water bottles o No usage of Leisure Centre equipment

o Maintain social distancing at all times

  • Post swim COVID Liaison officers will lead swimmers out of the pool, ensuring they are met by a parent.

What else will Liaison Officers be expected to do?

  • Make a record of any disciplinary incidents (including those swimmers not maintaining social distancing rules), and report to COVID Officers.
  • Assist swimmers with any medical issues
  • Record any medical incidents during sessions and advise COVID Officers.
  • Use an emergency contact sheet to contact parents if necessary.
  • Ensure parents are adhering to guidelines set – spectators are prohibited, and parents must not try to talk with coaches before or after sessions.
  • Supervise swimmers requiring the use of the toilets – 1 in, 1 out.

If you have any questions, concerns, or worries please get in touch. We know our swimmers are excited to get back in the water and our coaches can’t wait to see them. By observing the guidance and coaches’ instructions we will keep our swimmers and your families as safe as possible