The Borough of Harrow Swimming Club

September Return to Training Survey


Dear All

To help with our club preparation from September onward, we need to know how many of our swimmers will be returning back to training.  We have created an online survey which we would ask ALL SWIMMERS to please complete. The survey takes about two minutes to complete and without it, we cannot adequately plan for our full return.


We would be grateful if you could return the survey by Monday 10th August 2020.

Once we receive confirmation of water time and cost from our pool providers, we will then plan our programme to ensure the financial viability of the club.

Please note the cost to the club for August’s squad training is £12300 while squad fees collected for August were £5520

We hope to keep monthly squad fees unchanged, unfortunately, this is might be not possible due to social distancing guidelines. The Club’s pool hire costs will remain at the normal contracted rate but our number of lanes have been halved due to double lanes being in operation (as per Swim England guidance). This means that we cannot have the same number of swimmers in the water as we normally do. Therefore, the club cost per swimmer has increased to nearly double what it was pre-closure. Many clubs are facing massive fee increases just to be able to return to swimming. We hope you understand that any decision we take will not be made lightly. The long-term stability of our club is at the forefront of all our decisions.

We wish you continued good health and happiness. Stay safe!