The Borough of Harrow Swimming Club

Return To Training - Covid-19 Code of Conduct

Please read this declaration carefully and complete the required fields below. A separate declaration is required for every swimmer. This declaration must be completed by a parent/guardian for any Harrow Swimming Club member aged under 18:


Conduct a wellbeing check and do not attend training if you or any of your household exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19. Follow Government guidelines on how long you should wait before attending training.

Before each training session

  • Wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or use hand sanitiser if soap and water are not readily available
  • Bring your own clearly marked equipment and drinks bottles as directed by your Squad coach – NO SHARING of equipment
  • Travel directly to training from home and avoid lift shares
  • Arrive punctually for your session and follow designated routes into the facility
  • Maintain social distancing guidelines at all times by strictly following the guidance and directions of COVID Liaison Officers and coaches.

After each training session

  • Leave as soon as possible after the sessions following designated routes to exit the facility – following COVID Liaison Officer instructions
  • No entry during swimming training will be permitted for anyone other than designated lifeguards, swimmers, coaches and appointed COVID Liaison Officers.

    Parents/ Guardians must ensure that emergency contact details held on Club Organiser are up to date and the designated point of contact is available by this method for the duration of the session