Robert Crofts

Head Coach - Regional Youth Coach
Head Coach

I started my coaching career in Doncaster and Sheffield over 10 years ago starting as a volunteer coach for a small Doncaster club which feeds into Doncaster DARTES. After a few years, I became the Head Coach and went on to produce my first set of county, regional and British National swimmers.

I then went on to Leeds Metropolitan University to study, I graduated in Sports Coaching Performance and Participation. During his time as a student, I was mentored by Ian Greyson, the former Head Coach to the City of Leeds and Russ Barber, the current Head Coach to the City of Sheffield,  

Also throughout my degree, I have worked alongside world-class coaches and athletes, learning a great depth of knowledge within performance swimming and coaching strategies. 

More recently within my time as Assistant Head Coach at Staines Swimming Club, I have coached numerous swimmers to national level. With even most recently a British Para-Swimmer on to the 2017 Academy Squad, South East Regional finalists and medalists and even a National Silver Medal to the ever-growing tally of achievements.

Over the 2015 to 2016 season I have been involved as a coach on the Middlesex County Team to Lyon along with yearly being selected as a coach to attend the South East Talent Programmes (2014, 2015, 2016 & Open Water 2017).