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The Borough of  Swimming Club provides high-quality swimming lessons for children from 4 years upwards. We strive to not only teach your children to swim – but how to swim well!

Previous graduates of the Learn To Swim Program have gone on to compete at County, Regional and National Levels.

The Club’s Learn to Swim programme produces a high standard of swimmers. Our Learn to Swim lessons have some of the lowest teacher-pupil ratios in the area and we aim to have 6 swimmers per lesson. With the deep end lessons, we aim to have 8 swimmers per lesson as we find this encourages good development and greater concentration.

The Borough of Harrow Swimming Club adheres to Swim England Equity & Diversity Policy and will treat everyone equally regardless of their age, level of ability or disability, gender, race, religion or belief.

Our Swim School guarantees a fun and engaging experience where children of all ages with varying abilities learn to swim and improve their skills in a safe and entertaining environment. We take children from the age of 4 – and you’ll be astonished by what they can achieve! They’ll have great fun while all the time building their confidence and independence in the water.



We take technique very seriously and make this the focus for every class regardless of the level being taught.
To us, technique encompasses everything from the basics of breathing correctly to body alignment, to strokes and kicking. We don’t progress children who aren’t ready to move into the next stage of their swimming just to create space for others.
We recognise that every child is individual and will progress at a different speed from others – some need a bit longer to master certain techniques whilst others are born water babies who progress very quickly



We select our coaches very carefully and only take those for whom teaching swimming is a passion.
We believe that having this passion and enthusiasm rubs off onto the children and helps motivate and engage them in their lessons. Our team of outstanding coaches are all Level 2 ASA, have had enhanced DBS checks and are dedicated to delivering an excellent swimming programme.
Each uses their own individual style during their lessons to make it fun and engaging, but technique is still at the heart of each lesson.


Our Curriculum

We believe that learning to swim is an essential life skill that every child should have the opportunity to master. We follow the Swim England (formerly ASA) Duckling and Learn To Swim Awards schemes.
We believe it to be the strongest curriculum for children to learn to swim.
It focuses on technique and skills and takes children through all stages from complete beginners to advanced competitive lengths.
We work on one stroke per week in the lessons and cover all 4 strokes right from our very beginner swimmer groups

How Will My Child Benefit?

-The ability to get out of potentially life-threatening situations
-Keep active and improve strength and flexibility
-Increase stamina, balance and posture
-Swimming is the only named sport on the Primary School National Curriculum
-Make friends and grow in confidence
-Have lots of fun on a weekly basis
-Fully enjoy trips to the seaside and beach holidays


Harrow Leisure Centre

Christchurch Ave, Harrow HA3 5BD



07920 181250


10.00am - 6.00pm