Pre-Pool Warm up

Swimmers need to allow at least 10 minutes for the pre pool warm up, so should be on poolside at least 10 minutes before the session. the pre pool warm up will warm up the muscles before the swimmers enter the pool thus reducing the risk of injury and will also allow the swimmers to perform well from the get go.



3 minute skipping (build skip speed) 


Alternating Arm Swings 30 seconds (15 each way) Swing one arm forwards and the opposite arm back


start standing, with the legs straight bend down and touch the floor with your hands then walk forward with the hands as much as you can with legs straight then walk back with the hands to the starting position.



Twists to Feet 30 seconds Twist your upper body and touch the floor on the outside of your foot on every twist.



 leg swings 30 seconds on each leg.




Hamstring Mobilisation 10 reps on each leg

Flatten lower back into the floor Keep head on the floor Slowly straighten your leg pulling your foot towards you, slowly drop the leg then repeat.





Calf raises 10 reps on each leg swimmers must take 2 seconds going down and 2 going up.



Hip Mobilisation 10 reps on each leg Flatten Lower back into floor Pull your knee up to your chest and pause for 1 second Repeat with opposite leg



10 full press ups make sure it takes two seconds to go up then 2 seconds to go down with a small 1 second pause at the bottom. Try plyometric pushups if this does not suffice.



10 full jump squats, squat down hold for 2 seconds then jump up trying to be as explosive as possible