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AGM December 2019 Report

The Borough of Harrow Swimming Club 41st Annual General Meeting

 The 42nd Annual General Meeting of the Borough of Harrow Swimming Club was held on Thursday 5th December 2019 at 7.30pm. Tasha Coupland opened the meeting by introducing herself, welcoming and thanking everyone for attending this year’s Annual General Meeting.

Venue: Harrow Leisure Centre, Christchurch Avenue, Harrow, HA3 5BD


  1. Approval of Notice – Approved
  2. Apologies for Absence – Lara Nyman and Kate Ruddle
  3. Minutes of Previous AGM and Matters Arising – Approved
  4. Committee Reports:
  5. Chairperson’s Report – Suzette Mohammad
  6. Coach’s Report – Daniel Andrawos
  7. Treasurer’s Report – Zak Andrawos
  8. Election of Officers:
  9. Chairperson – Suzette Mohammad
  10. Secretary – Sanjiv Sharma

Sub Committee

The executive would like to seek permission to joining up the following to perform the Sub Committee role:

  1. Competitions Secretary – Dominique Ford
  2. Education & Swim 21 Office – Lara Nyman
  3. Welfare – Kate Ruddell
  4. Voluntary Support – Kiru
  5. Fund Raising – Tasha Coupland
  6. Workforce Coordinator – this role will be shared by Zak, Sanjiv and Kiru.

Appointment of Auditors – Newmans Chartered Accountants

Election of Life and Honorary Members –

AOB relevant to this meeting

Meeting finished at 8:00pm.

Chairperson Report 2019

Welcome to this year’s AGM, it is great to once again come to the end of another successful year in the history of BHSC.

Having the opportunity to reflect on the past year – especially the challenges we have over comes was very worthwhile. One of the challenges was saying good bye to our previous Head Coach Robert, and wondering whether we would be able to recruit to this post in a timely manner. The Club was fortunate to successfully recruit a candidate within our club.

I would like to take this opportunity to officially welcoming Daniel as our New Head Coach and wish him all the success in his new role.

This year we have seen the club grow from strength to strength. This success was attained through hard work, dedication and commitment of a number of people to whom we owe a great deal.

Firstly, I would like thanks to swimmers and their parents for continuing to support the club.

Secondly, thanks to Robert, head coach and his coaching team who have excelled this year. Your dedication and hard work has enabled us to take the Club forward.

Thanks you to our team managers and supporters, as well as our club officials and helpers without whom we would not be able to run our galas so successfully.

Thanks to Domonique, our Competition secretary for her support with organising the gala & swimmers’ entries to the various competitions.

Katie Ruddell – Our Welfare Officer for your support with dealing welfare / safeguarding concerns as they arise

Finally, I would like to thank all the members of Executive Team (you all know who you are), but most of all a tremendous THANK YOU to Zak Andrawos our club treasurer and Operational Manager for giving his time and help to drive the club forward during the past year as well as maintain the club in financial balance during the past year.

Wishing you all seasonal greeting and a prosperous New Year 2020

(Suzette Muhammad)

Chairperson, The Borough of Harrow SC

December 2019


This report sets out the financial performance of the Borough of Harrow Swimming club for the last 12 months from 1 September 2018 to 31st August 2019

The Total Income for the year was £275,318.00 compare to £274,055.00 in 2017/18 primarily driven by

  1. a) Learn to Swim Income of 110,509.00.
  2. b) Monthly squad fees of 95,366.00.
  3. c) Club shop income of £3925.00
  4. d) Gala Fees of £43,876.

Expenditure for the year of £281,266. An increase of £7732.00 over last year. Leaving a net deficit for the year of £6,231.

Major increases in expenditure related to

Increase in pool hire costs of £9503.00 as a result of a general increase in rates and the expansion of Learn to swim pool time.

Increase of wages by £7732.00 due the use of only L2 teachers to teach in our LTS programme which has increased the hourly rate by 40%.

The Balance Sheet shows Cash in Hand at the year-end of £104,982.00

Going forward, we expect there will be more increase in pool hire costs next year. Due to the anticipated increase in cost, the executive Committee have recommended an increase to the monthly squad fees by 5% starting from 1st January 2020. This is the first time we have increased the squad fees since 2014. We are still about 25 to 30% less compared to other swimming clubs in the surrounding area.

The club Membership fee for next season will remain at their current levels.

The financial position and the anticipated future financial results are satisfactory and there are no financial issues which should be brought to the attention of our members.

The club will continues to provide high levels of pool time and the highest standards of teaching and coaching, while closely controlling costs.


Let me thank all those who make the club such a success:

The committee members who work behind the scenes to ensure everything functions smoothly.

The coaches and teachers who provide an excellent standard of teaching and coaching to all levels of the club.

The parents who give up their time to volunteer and support their children within the club.

I couldn’t let it pass without saying a massive thank you to our Competition Secretary Dominique Ford who works very hard during competitions and for months beforehand in the lead up to competitions.

On a last note I propose that we continue to use the services of Newmans as external accountant.

(Zak Andrawos)

Club Treasurer, The Borough of Harrow SC


Head Coach Report

At the very start of my report, may I say thank you to Robert Croft for the hard work and dedication he has given to the Club during his 2 years as Head Coach.

May I also say a huge, huge thank you for the great welcome I’ve received from all of the swimmers, coaches, teachers, committee members, volunteers and parents.

Since September we have seen great progression in boosting squad numbers (especially performance squad) and have already secured a new land training coach who will be taking over from the new year, this will allow me to go back to taking the performance squad on a Thursday evening and free Gill to take her own squad on Monday evening.

At the start of the season is our annual club championship, this is where the whole club come together to compete and race against each other but in a friendly environment. It was very pleasing to see an increase in younger swimmers racing in the event, particularly those swimmers 12 and under. These swimmers are the long-term future of our club, so it is very important to get our youngsters racing, they are all crucial to our club’s success over the next 5-8 years. Many PBs were attained across all squads showing a strong start to the season.

On the 12th October the club participated in round 1 of the arena league in Dagenham where the club finished 8th however this was due to a lot of our top swimmers in each age group not be able to attend and many swimmers having to swim up an age group which made us lose a lot of points however those that attended swam well and attained many PBs. On the 9th November the club participated in round 2 of the arena league, this time we had a much stronger team and finished 6th however we were 4th the whole way through but towards the end had a few DQs because of false starts which made us finish 6th, I have addressed the DQs by speaking with the squad coaches and telling them to work on starts more in training.

On the 2nd and 3rd of November we attended the winter regionals at the London aquatic centre, we had 17 swimmers attend with 8 finalists and a very impressive 92% of PBs I was very proud of how our swimmers swam as they again displayed a great start to the season.

I’m sure with the great start to the year we have had already and with our excellent coaching staff we can have a very successful season.

I often say success doesn’t just happen through chance; it is a whole team effort.

I would firstly like to thank our first-class teachers and coaches; the club is extremely lucky to have a good number of professionals who are qualified and come from a competitive swimming background which is crucial to pass on their knowledge and expertise to the swimmers at our club.

Secondly, I would like to thank the executive committee who make my life as Head Coach that little bit easier. The committee runs the club superbly well; this allows me to get on with my job of coaching whilst they do all the work behind the scenes all of which are completely voluntary.

I would also like to thank all parents who give up their free time to help out. Volunteers are the back-bone of our club; they are the true unsung heroes who make what our club is today. So thank you to the committee, officials and anyone else who puts their efforts into our great club and wonderful children and young people. I would also like to make a special mention to our team managers who help out poolside and look after our swimmers and coaches. Their help and professionalism is the best and there is no doubt in my mind that we have the best team managers around.

My final thank you goes to our swimmers. I am not sure how to put into words what each and every swimmer means to me, it is an absolute privilege to be able to work with such hard working, professional and loyal children and young people. It is wonderful to witness such a wonderful team spirit and friendship among our swimmers, this above all else is what makes me very proud to be Head coach of this club.

Good Luck to all our swimmers for the future. Thanks again for everyone’s continuous support, it is greatly appreciated.

Daniel Andrawos – Head Coach

The Borough of Harrow SC




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