The Borough of Harrow Swimming Club


Our Mission & VALUES

have fun while achieving your goals

We are a family club, which is predominately run by volunteers. The Borough of Harrow SC is a club that puts the needs of the swimmers first. Doing our best to provide an environment that allows each and every swimmer to feel special and safe. To allow each swimmer to fulfil their potential and to celebrate that success.  Respecting and including all sections of the community. The club wants to help young children grow up to become positive members of society. Using swimming to teach them valuable life skills and life lessons. So that when they leave the club, they leave us as well rounded young adults.

MEET our volunteers

Executive committee

The Borough of Harrow Swimming Club’s Committee is run by parent volunteers. We meet once every 6-8 weeks to ensure the smooth running of the Swim Club discussing issues from Event Organising to Welfare and Health & Safety issues.

If you would like to join the Committee or alternatively if you would prefer to join our friendly Volunteer Team, who work on a more adhoc basis helping with galas, fundraising events etc, please do get in touch with our Club Secretary.

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Health & Safety

Policies & Procedures

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Executive Member, Official or volunteer

The Club is essentially funded by swimming members’ monthly squad fees and Learn to swim program, which helps towards the cost of pool hire, coaching and land training. We also run a highly successful open meets several times a year. But we rely very heavily on volunteers to help with the running of our Club and to raise essential funds. There are many ways to get involved from officiating to fundraising and the borough of harrow Swimming Club welcomes any help you can give, however, small …

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BECOME AN Official

Swimming Galas can only operate if there are enough poolside officials, and every time The Borough of Harrow Swimming Club enters a gala it has to provide a number of Swimming Officials in order for our swimmers to be able to compete. These officials give up their time to ensure that Swim Meets are run safely and fairly for all and that the FINA rules and regulations are adhered to by all swimmers at all times, in relation to starts, strokes, turns and timing.

Please remember, if The Borough Of Harrow Swimming​ gets the reputation of not providing officials to galas, then the invitations to these galas will dry up and the kids will not be able to compete.

Why get involved and volunteer as a Swimming Official?

If this sounds like it might be for you, then please do let one of the Committee know or contact our Volunteers Co-ordinator Kiru Somasundram on volunteers@harrowswim.club. There is no commitment other than making yourself known and letting us know if you are available when called upon.

BECOME a volunteer

When you become a Swimming Volunteer you will make a crucial difference to both the Swimming Club and the Community. It really is very rewarding to give up your time for the benefit of the children, club and sport and will leaving you feeling great. So what are you waiting for?

Please remember, if The Borough Of Harrow Swimming​ gets the reputation of not providing officials to galas, then the invitations to these galas will dry up and the kids will not be able to compete.


The Borough of Harrow Swimming Club is A swimmark accredited club

An accredited Club is recognised as a safe, rewarding and fulfilling place for participants of all ages as well as helping parents and carers know that they’re choosing the right Club for their young people.

What is SwimMark?

SwimMark (was Swim21) Club Essential Accreditation is a ‘Quality mark’, specifically designed for all Swim England clubs, which recognises nationally and regionally the clubs that are committed to providing safe, effective and quality services for the benefit of their members.

SwimMark Club Essential Accreditation is Swim England’s Club Development model – a planning tool, based on the principles of Long Term Athlete Development, enabling clubs to help athletes, teachers, coaches and administrators to achieve their full potential. It focuses particularly on the needs of athletes – striving to provide them with the best possible support and environment.

SwimMark Club Essential is a key module which support clubs to grow membership, develop volunteers and ensure the sustainability of activity in line with the objective of the club.

Clubs work steadily towards the attainment of a series of outcomes all of which are seen as essential if the right level of support is to be provided at each stage of an athlete’s development.

What do Clubs have to do?

Clubs aiming to achieve SwimMark standards must first complete an audit of all their programmes and structures against a series of quality criteria that are linked to nationally determined outcomes of good practice.

Then, based on their findings clubs must then produce an Improvement Plan that details the steps they need to take to address the gaps in their provision.

Finally, when they feel these gaps have been addressed, they then apply to become a Swim England’s SwimMark Accredited Club by contacting their Regional Swimming Co-ordinator.

How Are Clubs Assessed?

Clubs are then assessed against five distinct criteria:

  • Governance (emphasis on good club management)
  • Workforce Development (focus on training and development of people within the club)
  • Athlete Development (concentration on the needs of the swimmer or water polo player)
  • Communications (with members, parents, workforce, community)
  • Partnerships (with schools, community, other clubs etc.)

Each year clubs are required to carry out a ‘Health Check’ to maintain and update their action plans and to resubmit them to the London Region and ASA SwimMark panels for approval.

Swim England has a commitment to achieving its quality targets throughout the sport, SwimMark is no different and the Association is keen to support clubs in the sharing objective of widening the participation base and hence the performance of the sport as a whole.


The Borough of Harrow Swimming Club offers the opportunity for anyone aged four to seventy to achieve their potential in swimming whether at Club, County, District or National level.

The Club strives to provide the best possible opportunities for swimming of all abilities and social backgrounds.  To achieve this whilst maintaining affordable training fees, outside funding is required for additional coaching, increased pool time, repairs and replacement of equipment, competition software, transportation to galas, promotional material and training camps.

There are several ways in which we are seeking help as follows:

1. By donating a sum of money to the Club.

If you are able to make a donation, the Club will advertise your company’s name on our website and provide a hyperlink to yours.  It is possible your company logo could also be added to our kit.

2. By sponsoring a gala, Club Championship event or open meeting.

On a number of occasions throughout the year we run competitive galas and Club Championship events.  We are looking for main sponsors for each gala and also seeking advertising in the event programme, sponsorship of races or raffle prizes.

We usually have more than 200 spectators plus swimmers at galas.

Details are:-

3. Programme advertising

Quarter page (A4) – £50
Half page – £75
Full page – £100

4. Sponsorship

Race sponsorship – £25 per race

Gala main sponsor – £500

 5. Raffle

Donations of gifts or vouchers for raffle/tombola prizes will also be most welcome.

For further information about sponsorship or to discuss any proposition in the first instance, please contact bhsc@harrowswim.com

Anyone able to advertise or sponsor, please e-mail the club with your contact details.

If you require any further information or advice, please let me know.Fundraising

SwimMark accreditation is available to Swim England clubs of all aquatic disciplines that are positioned at one or more of the following four levels of

SwimMark Essential Club

SwimMark Network

SwimMark Performance

Swim England has a commitment to achieving its quality targets throughout the sport, SwimMark is no different and the Association is keen to support clubs in the sharing objective of widening the participation base and hence the performance of the sport as a whole.


The Borough of Harrow Swimming Club adheres to the Swim England Wavepower 2020-2023 Child Safeguarding Regulations, to read further detail, please follow the link below


Welfare contact information

The Borough of Harrow Swimming Club Welfare Officer is Natasha Coupland

She can be contacted via email: welfare.officer@harrowswim.com

The ASA provide detailed information relating to Welfare.

The ASA can be contacted in the following ways:

Website address: www.swimming.org

Phone Number: 01509 618746 or 01509 618700

Address: ASA, Institute of Swimming, Sportpark, 3 Oakwood Drive, Loughborough, Leics. LE11 3QF